about us

Explorer Advisory & Capital provides strategic & operational consulting to financial services companies of all sizes, and seed-stage capital to Fintech startups.

We drive innovation at the intersection of financial services, customer experience and technology.


Our Thesis

The financial services industry is being rebuilt, and we are in the early stages of a process that will take many years. This rebuild is needed – even though they are a core part of everyone’s life, financial services firms are good, but not great, at solving our problems.

At the same time, new and innovative technologies are becoming market-ready, and have the potential to remove significant friction in the way people (both individuals and corporate employees) live their lives.

If combined, in the right way, by smart companies these two dynamics have the potential to create great products and services that are more personal, intelligent and productive. Whether directly to consumers, or through partnerships with existing financial services brands, these are the companies that will be great at solving our problems, and will lead the rebuild of financial services.

We’re here to help them get there.